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The world of professional services is changing. Whether you are an insolvency practitioner, accountant, solicitor, funder / lender, in debt recovery, HR, marketing or recruitment, the way you source new business is going to change. Working with THEDIRECTORSCHOICE.COM will help you embrace that change and allow your company to move forward and grow.

THEDIRECTORSCHOICE.COM is a comparison site to help directors engage with professional services – to help bridge the gap between them.

This platform gives clear comparison and choice for the directors to engage with a firm that is best suited to their business.  They can search, compare and choose firms like yourselves based on what they need from you, with the confidence of knowing that all panel members are verified, and going forward, rated, by other directors that have used your services previously. 

As consumers we are spoilt with tech all around us. We are able to choose and compare everyday things that we know little about and, in very little time, make a decision based around what fits us and our needs.  Directors don’t currently have anything like this available to them.  If a director isn’t lucky enough to be recommended a good accountant or lawyer, then their only option is the internet and they will need to make an informed decision based on little knowledge of what they need. 

By giving the director a platform where they can, through a process of filters, choose and engage with firms that are right for them, it will give them confidence and more importantly choice. All other sector firms will then benefit from new business as directors go back time and time again to the platform.

Being a panel member will provide exposure for your company through not only the comparison sector of the platform but through featuring on our blogs, forum and useful articles. We want this to be a partnership from the beginning to help build a community for the directors using the platform and for the firms who partner with us.

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