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The importance of business contracts

The Importance Of Business Contracts

The importance of business contracts

It is vitally important to have a contract before embarking on a new business deal. All too often we see the aftermath of deals that have gone wrong when parties do not have the protection of a contract or the contract that is in place, is not fit for purpose.

Case Study - Scaffolding Company

One recent example of this was a scaffolding company based in West Yorkshire who was engaged by a demolition firm, based in London, to carry out scaffolding works on multiple sites across the country.

Upon commencement, several problems arose as to the contractual information provided in respect of allowing our client to source the correct materials to install. Our client’s position was that the information provided by the demolition company was inaccurate, thus adding more time and expense in sourcing these materials.

The result of this, and other matters between the parties meant the relationship broke down and the demolition company refused to pay our client for the services rendered and equipment provided.

The Legal Proceedings

On behalf of our clients, we issued proceedings, submitting Particulars of Claim to The Court and engaged in extensive correspondence with the demolition firm’s solicitors. We were able to reach a commercial settlement worth tens of thousands of pounds for our client, having identified the contractual inaccuracies, the factual nubs of the dispute and pointing these out to the other side’s solicitors.

The Lesson

As you can see, not having the correct contract in place can be extremely problematic and potentially very expensive if things go awry!

We have a team of experienced Commercial Solicitors, who can draft a bespoke document for you or review terms provided by a third party to ensure usability, protection and enforcement on the best possible terms for our clients.

Our team make a point of getting to know your business so that we can provide tailored and realistic advice to you.


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