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We help owners of SMEs build resilient businesses.

We support small businesses to get the commercial contracts in place to run your business effectively and compliantly, while protecting your cashflow, profits, and your reputation.

When issues crop up (as they often do in business), we’re by your side to find the most straightforward, cost-effective resolution to your disagreement.

We want you to feel confident that you’re receiving value for money on your legal spend. That’s why we offer creative pricing structures that give you certainty from the outset.  And we listen to you to understand your business, your goals and what you want to achieve.

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Catherine Hyde Hooperhyde

Meet the HooperHyde Team

Catherine began her career in law in 2004, working in large corporate firms. But for an entrepreneurial spirit, she found the confines of larger law firms too restrictive.

Catherine is motivated by making a tangible difference to clients, and building relationships with them along the way. So, driven by a desire to address the reasons why small business shy away from legal services (typically costs and uncertainty), Catherine started HooperHyde in 2021.

When you work with HooperHyde, you’ll find a team of commercially astute lawyers, who step into the engine room of your business and apply the law to supercharge your growth, not stifle it.

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Why use HooperHyde - Legal Experts?

We’ve told you a bit about what we do. But, why work with us specifically? Well, we’ve built our business around the needs of small business owners like you. So when you work with us, you can be confident that you’ll get:


  • No scary surprises on costs

With our creative fee structures, and fixed fee options, you’ll know your legal spend from the outset. We always look for sensible solutions to keep a lid on costs.


  • Timely responses

You’re a valued client, and you’re top of our list. Our aim is to alleviate your stress, and we know that long silences only increase anxiety. We make it our priority to keep you informed.


  • Advisers who are mindful of your business relationships

We’re not your rottweiler litigators. Of course we are firm and assertive, and we’ll articulate a robust case for you. But we’re reasonable.


  • Legal advice that makes sense

We give you advice in straightforward language, which you can convey easily to your board, or your shareholders. We listen to your problems and your goals so that the advice we give addresses the heart of the issue and offers a practical recommendation.


At HooperHyde, you get the calibre of a large corporate firm lawyer, but with the gumption of an entrepreneur. We know the pressures, stresses and successes of being business owners and we’re on your side to help your business thrive.

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How to protect your business in a post covid world

How to protect your business in a post covid world

HooperHyde share their insights on protecting your business in the current environment.