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Extremely fortunate and incredibly rare is a person who never stumbles in life. What really challenges us mentally, emotionally and physically, are the few times we hit those massive, dramatic roadblocks – be it health problems, financial hardships, divorce, addiction, or the loss of a loved one.


These situations can make us feel dark, hopeless, lost and stuck, like we’ve just hit rock bottom. But rest assured, it is possible to revive ourselves and rejoice once more as a brighter, better person.

"Having hit rock bottom myself and stared suicide in the face I realise how hard it can be to rebuild and become the person you desire to be. It’s with this experience I am fortunate to have worked with hundreds of people and help them rediscover their positive physical and mental health.

After 25 years a Personal Trainer and Stroke Rehab Practitioner I now dedicate my time in helping those who have struggled with mental health issues to rebuild their lives through the power of mindset, habits and fitness." - Jim Watts, UCAN Thrive!


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Hydration, Sleep, Stress

Jim Watts shares the importance of hydration, sleep and stress when struggling with your mental health.